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As a stress-free young lady I'd like it a lot (depending on the skills of my partner) but as I get older and married etc, I say 4-5 times a week would be generous and healthy. In fact, I've discovered that most women cannot either. I think we can thoroughly enjoy sex, but still get annoyed at the frequency of requests for it. And everytime we mixed it up, tried different things, etc... It helped that I was incredibly physically attracted to him and vice versa... Too much of the same and that's when your desire starts to wane, cause you know it'll be the same. For myself, since I'm not getting ANY, right now I would be apt to say I want it all the time, but what I think I really mean is that I think about getting it ALL THE TIME which makes me think that I want it all the time. I meet someone and discuss what I want and like about sex and it's, 'oh yeah baby me too' - but nope they can't measure up!!